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A Lara local running group for people of all abilities

Our purpose is to provide an opportunity for people in the Lara and surrounding community to learn correct running techniques, participate in road and trail runs, and to enhance their mental and physical well-being and sense of community through the social, friendly and inclusive atmosphere of group running.

Social Running

Enjoy running but looking for a group of like minded people to stretch the legs with? Our club of runners hold multiple frequent runs and events in and around Lara which provide a range of types of social runs for our members. Our supportive group is great for the motivation to pull the runners on and keep achieving you goals.

Newbies Running Group

The LaraRunners Newbie Running Group is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is interested in starting or restarting their running. The 10 week program runs multiple times through the year, and suitable for all newbie or returning runners. Be surrounded by a bunch of very supportive people who are motivated by seeing you reach your goals.

Run Coaching & Advice

Our qualified and experienced Run Coaches run with the group on many runs and events, and are always keen to have a chat and lend advice on how to improve your running technique. No matter what you goal is, you will find someone to help you improve, set goals and reach them.